Homecare in Wellington FL: Senior Outing Ideas

25 Outing Ideas for Elderly Adults

Isolation and loneliness are very real problems for millions of elderly adults across the country.
Due to limitations put on them from decreased mobility, poor eyesight, less stamina, and restricted driving, among others, many seniors spend too much time at home and not enough time out in their community. Family caregivers that want to keep their elderly loved one happy, engaged, stimulated and entertained should focus on planning outings for them and their elder care provider.

Elder care providers are ideal for aging adults because they can step in and help with whatever the senior needs. Often, aging adults can no longer complete daily tasks for themselves like housekeeping, getting dressed and driving. An elder care provider is a professional that works with the aging adult on a regular basis. They are also companions and can transport and accompany the elderly adult to numerous outings.

Before family caregivers choose an outing, they need to consult with their elderly relative to find out if it is something they might be interested in. They should also discuss accessibility, climate, cost, time of day, and other factors. Many seniors are eager to express their interests and collaborate on where to go and what to do.


Here are 25 outing ideas for aging adults and their elder care providers:

  • Natural history museum
  • Science and technology museum
  • Art gallery
  • Craft show
  • Car show
  • Dog show
  • City or neighborhood festival
  • Music concert
  • High school play
  • Community theater performance
  • Semi-pro or professional sporting event
  • Youth or amateur sporting event
  • Botanical gardens
  • Zoo or wildlife preserve
  • Aquarium
  • Local tourist attraction
  • Municipal or state parks
  • Factory tour
  • County or state fair
  • Book reading or poetry reading
  • Winery tour
  • Classes, like painting or cooking
  • Karaoke party
  • Volunteer
  • Senior citizen center


Studies show that when aging adults are active and involved in their community, it can boost their physical health.
Not only are they getting some exercise, but they get some sunshine and fresh air, too. Seniors that have busy, active days report that they sleep better and more soundly at night. Their appetites also grow, making it easier for them to eat all the nutritious meals their elder care provider makes.

Mentally and emotionally, regular outings are positive for elderly adults, too. New experiences can be invigorating, entertaining and fun. It can also prevent or slow down cognitive decline and ward off depression and anxiety. Isolation is not fulfilling, but taking part in community and family events really improves an aging person’s quality of life.

There’s no doubt that elderly adults benefit from getting out of their house occasionally and interacting with others. Family caregivers and elder care providers can really make a difference when they put in the effort to facilitate outings for seniors.


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