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National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month – What Are the Easiest and Quickest Veggies to Grow in Patio Planters?

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month take place each June.

By June, most gardeners have some fresh produce appearing. In some of the northern states, the planting season gets underway. Patio planters are an easy way for those with limited mobility to have fresh fruits and vegetables. If your parents want to grow their own produce, try these fruits and vegetables that grow quickly and thrive in planter pots.


Easy to Grow Fruits That Thrive in Planter Pots:


Fresh fruits, especially berries, are known for being rich sources of antioxidants.

For seniors, foods rich in antioxidants are helpful. Some studies have found they help slow cognitive decline. Blueberries and strawberries are especially beneficial.


Blueberries and strawberries also happen to be the easiest fruits to grow in pots.

Blueberries grow on a shrub. The dwarf variety thrives in planter pots. Plus, it’s easier to control soil quality in a pot. Blueberries require acidic soil. When you grow a blueberry shrub in a pot, you can easily control the soil’s acidity without harming other crops that cannot tolerate acidic soil.


Strawberries do like to spread. Look for planter pots designed for strawberries.

These pots have separate holes down the sides of the pot to grow multiple plants vertically in tiers within one pot. This helps with germination. Blueberry shrubs will need at least one more shrub close by to ensure germination.


Vegetables That Grow Quickly and Easily in Pots

When the goal is speed and ease, radishes are one of the easiest and best vegetables for pots. Radishes are ready within a month of starting from seed. Plus, you can get several plants going in the same pot.


Lettuce and kale are also easy to grow in plots. Make sure the soil is loose and watered regularly. Baby kale and lettuce leaves are ready for harvesting in a month’s time.


Green beans do well in pots. Your parent wants the bush varieties. Many are ready with beans within 60 days. You can usually get three or four plants in one pot. Peas are similar. The will need a supportive cage as they grow, but you’ll have edible pea pods within 60 days.

Once there are fresh fruits and vegetables, your mom and dad should wash them to remove any contaminants and insects. They may have a hard time with kitchen chores. If this is the case, hire home care services for cleaning and food preparation.

Caregivers can help with other activities of daily living, too. They can help with medication reminders, transportation, and laundry. To learn more about home care services, call an agency.


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