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Six Tips for Keeping Your Senior Safer When Working Out

Safety is one of the most important aspects of exercise for your aging adult. if she’s not exercising safely, she might be at a greater risk of injuring herself.

Always Start out Slowly

Working out doesn’t need to be a race. In fact, it definitely shouldn’t be for your aging adult. Encourage her to start out slowly and to gradually increase her speed and her endurance. That’s going to benefit her far more in the long run.

Breathe Normally While Exercising

Some people don’t realize that they change their breathing patterns when they exercise. They might hold their breath when they’re concentrating on an activity or breathe too shallowly. Make sure that your senior is able to breathe deeply and normally while she’s exercising. If she’s finding that she’s experiencing shortness of breath, there may be other issues at play.

Use Safety Equipment, if it’s Available

If certain activities have safety equipment, such as a helmet for bicycling, then it’s a good idea for your senior to use those safety tools. Some of them might seem cumbersome or awkward, but they’re there for a reason. Make sure your elderly family member knows how to use those pieces of safety equipment properly for the best results.

Hydrate While Working Out

Drinking a few sips of water while exercising can be really helpful for your aging adult, especially if she’s really sweating. Make sure that she’s got a water bottle handy and that she takes a sip now and then during a break. This can help your elderly family member to avoid feeling dehydrated later on.

Warm up, Stretch, and Cool Down

Lots of people avoid warming up, cooling down, and even stretching. It seems like something that isn’t necessary, but adhering to these three exercise phases will help your elderly family member to avoid injuring herself. Warming up and cooling down can be as simple as slowly walking in place. Stretches help to limber up muscles and joints so that they’re less likely to lock up while she’s using them.

Exercise with a Buddy

Exercising alone is lonely and might make your senior feel less likely to want to continue. If she doesn’t have a friend or family member who can exercise with her, consider hiring home care providers who can be there. They can offer a friendly face as well as companionship while your senior is working out.

If your elderly family member notices any changes or anything that doesn’t feel right when she’s working out, it’s important to stop and make sure that she’s okay. That old saying about “no pain, no gain” isn’t one that you want her to adopt.

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