Home Care Services in Royal Palm Beach FL: Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Can You Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease for Your Aging Parent?

Nearly 6 million people throughout the United States are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. This progressive disease is the sixth leading cause of death throughout the United States. Deaths from Alzheimer’s disease have increased more than 120 percent since the year 2000. These statistics can be staggering for a family caregiver, but they are very important to understand.

Recognizing the severity of the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and how it can impact your parent is an important step in making the awareness of this disease an element of your care even before your parent is diagnosed. While there is no true way to reliably prevent Alzheimer’s disease and no guarantee your senior will not develop it no matter what you do, there are ways you can help reduce the risk ask of this progressive disease developing in your parent.


Some ways you can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease for your aging loved one include:


– Many studies have indicated that injuries to the head increase the potential for developing Alzheimer’s disease. Help to reduce the risk of brain injury by encouraging your senior to follow basic safety precautions such as wearing their seatbelt when in the car, and utilizing grab bars and handrails we’re available. Having a home care provider available with your parents to provide support and address mobility issues can also be valuable and helping to prevent these injuries.


-Support heart health. Cardiovascular disease, personal history of heart attack or stroke, and other heart issues can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. Help protect your parent’s brain by taking steps to support their cardiovascular health. This includes physical activity, eating a healthy diet, and managing daily activities for other risk factors.


-Manage other health issues. Alzheimer’s disease is very rarely, if ever, a standalone health issue. Most often, it is related to other health problems. Help reduce the risk your parent will develop Alzheimer’s disease by effectively a managing their health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. By managing these health issues, you reduce the risk factors that may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, and also promote overall physical health and well-being.


-Keep their brain active and engaged. Supporting brain health by regularly stimulating the mind helps to prevent the cognitive decline and cell death associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Encourage your parent to learn new things, pursue their passions and hobbies, reminisce about favorite memories, and expose themselves regularly to sensory stimulation such as bright colors, pleasing patterns, tactile stimulation, smells, and more.


How can a home care provider help?

The challenges that come along with being a family caregiver for an elderly adult who is living with Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming for anyone. Fortunately, you do not have to feel as though you are facing these challenges and difficulties on your own.

You can rely on the personalized services of a home care provider to supplement the care you give to your parent, and to step in and provide additional support and assistance where you may feel you are not fulfilling your seniors needs as much as necessary. This care provider can be a part of your parent’s Alzheimer’s progression from the beginning of the disease through to the end of their life.

At each stage, the care provider can help your loved one manage their symptoms and challenges, and also prepare them for what might come next. This is not only extremely useful for your parent, but can ease your stress, and help you to feel more confident during this potentially difficult chapter in your care relationship with your senior.


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