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Advances in Eye Treatments Could Improve Your Parent’s Vision

Unfortunately, vision problems are often a part of growing older. While many vision problems that occur in seniors are treatable, some of the treatments are a bit unpleasant and may be frightening. For example, treatment for cataracts often involves surgery on the eyeball, which is a disconcerting prospect for many. However, in recent years, new treatments have been developed that improve both the experience and the outcome.


Age-Related Vision Problems

There are a couple of vision problems that older adults develop that is considered just a normal part of aging. One of them is presbyopia, which causes people to have trouble seeing things that are close up. It happens because the lens of the eye becomes harder as people age. It can make reading more difficult but is generally correctible with eyeglasses.

Another common condition of aging is cataracts. As many as 50 percent of seniors have cataracts, so even though it is technically a disease of the eye, it is considered a normal part of aging.


There are also several eye diseases that are more common among older adults. They include:

  • Macular degeneration.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Diabetic retinopathy.


New Treatments Available

The research of dedicated scientists and doctors has yielded advancements in treatments for many eye problems. Some recent advancements and some that are still in the works are:

Lens Adjustments: When an older adult has cataract surgery, the doctor has to make an educated guess about the correction the replacement lens requires. However, the healing process can change the eye, making the lens less effective. Now, a new lens is available that lets doctors make adjustments after the eye has had a chance to heal.

New Glaucoma Medications: There are a few new kinds of medications for people suffering from glaucoma that may improve treatment. In addition, there’s a new kind of surgery available to reduce pressure in the eye that is less invasive than the old method.

Genetic Research: Macular degeneration is a condition that often runs in families, indicating there is a gene involved. Scientists have been working on developing gene therapy and using stem cells to treat the condition.

Older adults with vision problems can benefit from having a senior care provider to assist them. Senior care providers can help with things like paying bills and reading mail. Since vision problems can make it impossible for older adults to drive, senior care providers can drive them to the places they need to go, such as to the grocery store, the post office, and medical appointments.


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