Homecare in West Palm Beach FL: Senior Living With Pain

Tips for Caring for a Senior Living with Pain

Experts report that more than 76 million people throughout the United States have suffered from pain that lasted for more than 24 hours. This number accounts for 25% of the total population of the country. Many more than this report are experiencing pain for shorter terms on a regular basis.

Pain is considered the leading cause of long-term disability and is the most common cause of a person seeking out medical care. As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize the tremendous impact that pain can make on your elderly parent and take steps to help them manage this pain while giving them the care they need.


Use these tips to care for a senior living with pain:

    • Encourage your parent to learn, and utilize deep breathing and meditation exercises. Studies have shown that staying calm, relaxing, and other behavioral approaches can be highly effective at reducing pain and increasing the ability to cope with pain.
    • Help your parent to find ways to reduce the stress in their life. Particularly for those who are living with chronic pain, stress can greatly worsen the pain, and also make it more difficult to cope with on a regular basis. Support groups and individual therapy can be instrumental in managing stress.
    • Encourage your senior to exercise. While it might seem counterintuitive to have a person who is in pain be active, exercise can actually help. Exercising releases endorphins, which make you feel happy and at peace, and also relieve pain. Talk to their doctor about the types of exercises that are appropriate for them, and ensure your senior always has access to proper support, either from you or from an elderly care provider.
    • Improve your parent’s sleep habits by establishing a sleep routine, making sure their sleep environment is tailored to the best quality sleep, and reducing consumption of stimulants such as caffeine.
    • Encourage your parent to reach out to and make connections with others who are living with pain. Simply knowing they are not alone can make a tremendous difference in your parent’s ability to manage their pain, and also the emotional impact of that pain.
    • Help your parent keep a diary of their pain symptoms. This can illuminate patterns that might show triggers or other causes of pain your parent didn’t know about. You can then use that information to make changes to their care and their daily lifestyle.

The customized services of an elderly care provider are not just useful to help your parent cope with physical issues, health problems, and mobility challenges. They can also make a tremendous difference in your parent’s mental and emotional health and well-being.

Transportation allows your parent to not only take on more of their own tasks and errands, which supports a sense of independence and autonomy but also gives them the opportunity to engage in more activities outside of the home. This, along with companionship from the elderly home care services provider, offers social interaction that is vital to good mental and emotional health. Playing games, doing crafts, and helping your parent learn new things are also valuable ways to keep your parent’s mind sharp, and their emotional health high.


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Senior Care in West Palm Beach FL: Slip And Fall Accidents For Seniors

The Dangers of Slip and Fall Accidents for Seniors

Elderly adults are more likely to suffer serious injury from a slip and fall accident at home than other age groups. This can make family members feel very anxious about their loved one being on their own without an elder care provider or support aide present. The danger of a slip and fall accident is an important concept for family caregivers to understand.


The possibility of a slip and fall requires family caregivers to think about safety first and independence second. Working together, family caregivers and elder care providers can take every precaution to prevent elderly adults from situations where they might slip and fall.


Why are Slip and Fall Accidents Dangerous?

-The leading cause of non-fatal injuries for elderly adults in the United States is due to slip and fall accidents. When seniors fall, they can suffer everything from bumps and bruises to a concussion or broken bone. If an elderly person has already fallen before, the likelihood of another fall increases. Because the body is slower to heal in old age, elderly adults can be quite debilitated for many months after a fall.

-Seniors are more likely to fall for several reasons, such as poor balance, vertigo, weakened muscles, using walking devices incorrectly, slower reflexes and dizziness from medications, dehydration or insomnia. The environment in the home can also contribute to slip and fall accidents, with wet tile in the kitchen or bathroom, using the stairs, too much floor clutter, improper footwear and getting tangled up with a walker or cane. All these risk factors can be reduced when family caregivers and elder care providers do everything they can to make the senior and the home as safe as possible.


How Family Caregivers Can Help

-Family caregivers and elder care providers can contribute a lot to the elderly person’s environment to help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. The first thing to do is assess their overall health and see if anything can be done about conditions like vertigo, arthritis and medication side effects. Poor vision is another thing that can cause seniors to slip and fall. Family caregivers and elder care providers should also check out how well the aging adult is using their walking aides and going to a physical therapist if they seem to get tripped up a lot.

-Other things that family caregivers can do to reduce the risk of a slip and fall accident for seniors is to modify the environment of the home. They can install grab bars in the shower area, remove slippery throw rugs, move clutter out and rearrange furniture for clearer paths. Other small but impactful things that family caregivers and elder care providers can do are making sure all the lights work, getting well-fitted shoes, and boosting exercise and nutrition to make their body stronger.

Slip and fall accidents can be devastating to elderly adults, and even fatal. That’s why family caregivers and elder care providers should prioritize safety and eliminate any conditions that may lead to a slip and fall accident.


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