Home Health Care in Royal Palm Beach FL: Caregiver Goal Setting

Are You Setting Goals as a Caregiver?

Goals give you a concrete way to make progress on your caregiving journey. If you haven’t set goals before, try some of these suggestions…

Determine Where You Want to Be

You can’t set a goal unless you know where you’re trying to go with that goal. So take a few moments and look at what you’re trying to achieve with this goal and what you want it to accomplish. The fuzzier you are about where you want to end up, the more wishy-washy your goals are going to be.

Get Specific with Your Goals

Once you have a handle on your goal, you have to get really specific with it. The reason for this is that if your goal lacks specifics, you won’t know if you’ve achieved it or not. Sit down with a pencil and paper if you’re not sure how specific your goal is. Write out the goal and then circle the concrete parts of that goal. For example, helping your elderly family member eat healthier is the beginning of a goal. A more specific goal involves incorporating a specific number of servings of fruits and vegetables every day.


Put Plans in Place to Help You Meet Those Goals

Now that you’ve got your goal as specific as possible, what do you need to do to achieve that goal? You might need to start looking for recipes or make a list of the fruits and vegetables that your senior enjoys eating. Figure out how often you’ll need to shop for the groceries you’ll need. When you miss parts of the plan, it’s more difficult to achieve your goals.

Anticipate Obstacles

Goals always have an obstacle or two. Unfortunately, that is just how it goes. If you can start to anticipate those obstacles you can do something about them before they stop you in your tracks. If your elderly family member doesn’t want to mess with cooking more vegetables and fruits, perhaps having elder care providers come in and help with meal preparation when you can’t, might be a workaround.

Don’t Be Afraid to Adjust Your Goals

Sometimes you set a goal and it’s just not the right goal for where the situation stands at the moment. For instance, maybe you want to add five servings of fruits and vegetables to your senior’s diet every day, but she hates most fruits and vegetables. Shooting for five servings right out of the gate might be a bit much. Modifying your initial goal to two servings per day might help her to get used to eating more fruits and vegetables. From there, you can increase the number in a future goal.

If you’re not already setting goals, try setting some small ones and get into the practice of setting and achieving goals. Yours might involve starting or stopping certain habits or even helping your elderly family member to meet a specific goal.

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Home Health Care in Boca Raton FL: Fruit and Vegetables Month

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month – What Are the Easiest and Quickest Veggies to Grow in Patio Planters?

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month take place each June.

By June, most gardeners have some fresh produce appearing. In some of the northern states, the planting season gets underway. Patio planters are an easy way for those with limited mobility to have fresh fruits and vegetables. If your parents want to grow their own produce, try these fruits and vegetables that grow quickly and thrive in planter pots.


Easy to Grow Fruits That Thrive in Planter Pots:


Fresh fruits, especially berries, are known for being rich sources of antioxidants.

For seniors, foods rich in antioxidants are helpful. Some studies have found they help slow cognitive decline. Blueberries and strawberries are especially beneficial.


Blueberries and strawberries also happen to be the easiest fruits to grow in pots.

Blueberries grow on a shrub. The dwarf variety thrives in planter pots. Plus, it’s easier to control soil quality in a pot. Blueberries require acidic soil. When you grow a blueberry shrub in a pot, you can easily control the soil’s acidity without harming other crops that cannot tolerate acidic soil.


Strawberries do like to spread. Look for planter pots designed for strawberries.

These pots have separate holes down the sides of the pot to grow multiple plants vertically in tiers within one pot. This helps with germination. Blueberry shrubs will need at least one more shrub close by to ensure germination.


Vegetables That Grow Quickly and Easily in Pots

When the goal is speed and ease, radishes are one of the easiest and best vegetables for pots. Radishes are ready within a month of starting from seed. Plus, you can get several plants going in the same pot.


Lettuce and kale are also easy to grow in plots. Make sure the soil is loose and watered regularly. Baby kale and lettuce leaves are ready for harvesting in a month’s time.


Green beans do well in pots. Your parent wants the bush varieties. Many are ready with beans within 60 days. You can usually get three or four plants in one pot. Peas are similar. The will need a supportive cage as they grow, but you’ll have edible pea pods within 60 days.

Once there are fresh fruits and vegetables, your mom and dad should wash them to remove any contaminants and insects. They may have a hard time with kitchen chores. If this is the case, hire home care services for cleaning and food preparation.

Caregivers can help with other activities of daily living, too. They can help with medication reminders, transportation, and laundry. To learn more about home care services, call an agency.


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Senior Care in Wellington FL: Senior Care Provider

Caring for an Aging Relative? Hire a Senior Care Provider

It’s a fact that elderly adults are more likely than any other age group to need in-home care. With age, the body is more susceptible to disease, illness, and injury. Many times, an aging adult has more than one chronic condition. The result is that they may need help with some essential and basic daily tasks required to keep them healthy and safe. While a family caregiver can do a lot, for the best in-home care experience, families should consider hiring a senior care provider.

What In-home Senior Care Is…

Most communities have one or more in-home senior care companies that hire employees that care for seniors and disabled adults in their own residence. These senior care providers are trustworthy, reliable and ready to help elderly adults with whatever they need. Good in-home senior care companies are licensed and certified according to state laws and will work out a customized schedule that benefits both the family caregiver and the elderly adult.

What In-Home Senior Care Providers Do

There are plenty of things that a senior care provider can do that an elderly adult may need help with. Of course, helping around the house is important, such as housekeeping, laundry, and light maintenance. Senior care providers can also do the grocery shopping and meal preparation for the elderly person, too. As well as many other tasks related to self-care, like help with bathing, showering, dressing, and grooming. Many senior care providers can also provide transportation for the aging adult to doctor’s appointments and various other errands. Seniors with dementia that cannot be left alone really benefit from a senior care provider’s presence so they don’t get confused or wander off.

How to Find an In-Home Senior Care Provider

It can be a bit tricky to find an in-home senior care provider that works for everyone. The best places to begin the search include online resources, and references from medical clinics, senior centers, and community senior organizations. Family members should schedule a few meetings to find out basic information like cost, services, and certification. Ultimately, family members and their aging relatives should choose a senior care provider that is the right price and can fit the needed schedule. When it comes to finding who that might be, it can take some time but it is worth it to find a company that provides excellent senior care.

When family members make the difficult decision to provide full-time care for an elderly relative, it doesn’t have to completely upend anyone’s life. In fact, in-home senior care providers are one of the best ways for elderly adults that need the care to stay in their own homes. It’s worth investigating to see if senior care providers can be the solutions for everyone’s needs.

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Home Care Services in West Palm Beach FL: Senior Mobility Loss Tips

What Does it Look Like When Your Senior Experiences Mobility Loss?

In order to help your elderly family member to deal with mobility issues, you first need to know she’s having trouble. It isn’t always easy to know what’s going on, but these are some signs you can look for.


She Moves Slower than She Used to Move

When your senior does stand up and move around, pay attention to how she’s moving. What you’re looking for is consistency in her movements. Everyone has a bad day now and again, but is your senior consistently moving more slowly and gingerly than she used to move? This might be an indication that she’s concerned about falling.


She’s Had a Fall or Two

Even worse, your elderly family member may have experienced a fall or two. She may not be willing to tell you about it, though. Bruises or injuries could be your first indication that your elderly family member has had a fall. This can be extremely dangerous, so you do need to find out whatever you can about possible falls.


She Seems to Be More Isolated

Many aging adults who are experiencing mobility loss start to isolate themselves. They become self-conscious about their problems with mobility or they are embarrassed that they don’t move the way that they used to move. Your senior could also be afraid of falling or becoming injured out in public, so she stays home.


She Makes Excuses Not to Go Anywhere

Pay attention to what happens when you ask your senior to go somewhere with you. She might be turning you down far more than she used to, but it’s likely that she always has a reason for not going. Some of these reasons could very well be valid, but many might be exaggerated so that she doesn’t call attention to her movements.


You Rarely See Her Up and Moving

When you visit with your senior, is she consistently in one spot the whole time? This can be a way for her to camouflage her trouble with mobility. It’s possible that she is afraid of your reaction or that she’s simply self-conscious. Until you know what’s going on, though, you can’t really help.


Elderly care providers can be invaluable when it comes to helping your senior manage mobility loss. They can help her to feel safer at home and when she ventures out into public. They can also show you how to best assist your senior when you help her to move around.

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Home Care Services in Delray Beach FL: Older Americans Month

Four Things Your Family Should Do During Older Americans Month

Each year, the Administration on Aging chooses a theme for May’s Older Americans Month. The 2018 theme is “Engage at Every Age.” It’s a great time to gather the family and celebrate together. The goal this year is to find activities that boost emotional, mental, and physical health.

Activities can help generations bond. It’s a great time for your parents to pass on the things they’ve learned over the years to your children. If you’re looking for ways your entire family can celebrate Older Americans Month, here are some suggestions….

Create a Family Site

Social media is something teens relate to. It can be harder for your parents to understand how to use the different platforms. With a teen leading the way, create a private group for family members to share photos, wisdom, and messages.

You and your teen can spend time teaching your parent the safe ways to use social media. You can talk about things that should and shouldn’t be posted. Talks about privacy settings are also important. The end result is that everyone has a page where they can connect.

Volunteer Together

While volunteering does require time and energy, the satisfaction you feel with a job well done is uplifting. May is the perfect time to gather the family and clean a beach, roadside, walking path, or park.

Everyone works together to locate trash and recyclables and make sure they get to a recycling bin or trash can. If your family does this on Green Up Day, many towns have trash bags you can pick up at the town or city clerk’s office. Leave the bags on the roadside and someone comes through to collect them.

Hold a Family Pot Luck

Have all the family over for a meal. Every person to attend can bring a favorite dish. With food prepared, your family can focus on catching up and having a relaxed day.

It’s a good time to pull out photo albums. Everyone can take a look back through the decades. Your kids will likely be amused by your teen fashions, and they’ll get to know a little more about the family at the same time.

Make Sure They Can Handle Daily Activities Independently

When the celebrations end, you will also need to make sure that your parents have the help they need. They probably keep things hidden from you. If they’re struggling to keep up with housework or laundry, it can lead to shame and embarrassment.

Arrange elder care services for them. They can have help with activities of daily living without having to give up their independence. Learn more about services available in your area by calling an elder care representative.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care Services in Delray Beach, FL, please call the caring staff at Happy at Home Care today. Always available at (561) 275-1735 or contact@happyathomecarepalmbeach.com.